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One of the beauties of yoga is that the poses in connection with a correct use of the breath support and sustain you no matter how old or young you may be. You can be fit or not, flexible or stiff, you come to your mat and things start to change.

Yoga has never been strange or far from us. We have been doing it since we were babies! Whether it is the Cat Stretch a Summersault, a Down Dog or a Squat. When observing a child you will discover that it does yoga whilst playing almost daily.



I teach correct alignment of the postures and I also blend it with fluidity of movement integrated by the breath. Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques). Silent meditation together with mantra chanting are also part of my teaching programs.


Dynamic Yoga follows 7 vital principles of practice:


We learn:

  • Centering down
  • Connecting to our Core
  • Grounding to Earth
  • Establishing Drishti (Focus)
  • Observing Breath
  • Stacking our bones
  • Moving with Ease, Love and Joy.

I incorporate the 5 natural elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR and SPACE (or ETHER). Every time each element class will focus on certain parts of the body. Standing poses, core training, warm up sequences, backbends,  twists and inversions. (Headstand, Wheel, Shoulder stand).


You will ignite your inner life force with 10-15 minutes fun warm up.  (high intensity exercises -HIT). Yoga Asanas will follow to enable stretching and release of tension in the body.  


My classes have been thoughtfully designed and are sequenced to support your physical and mental wellbeing.


Yoga is not just physical and neither only spiritual. It is not about performing difficult and acrobatic postures. It is a transformational journey that helps you cultivate patience and love toward your body and it is definitely non-competitive.


My yoga classes are a safe place to practice, to share and ask questions, to regenerate from a heavy day or to revitalize before starting a brand new day.


Practicing yoga is an antidote to stress, nervousness and anxiety. Breathing techniques calm the nervous system and slow down our heart rate often needed in this fast paced world. Yoga postures and breathing  improve the physical body but also heal our organic body. We are often projected with thoughts about the future or blocked by fears connected to the past and we forget about the present.


Yoga practice teaches us to remain in the present with awareness because the past cannot return and the present shapes what will come.

The present is the place to be. That is where the action is taking place NOW!


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